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‘If you want what you’ve never had -

you’ve got to do what you’ve never done.’



We help our clients to:

  • increase productivity and profitability
  • enhance staff commitment & wellbeing
  • achieve greater client satisfaction



About XPS

Xenophon Project Services Limited (XPS) was set up in 2002 to help clients in the Construction sector to develop outstanding managers through tailored training and development programmes.

XPS Coaching – the corporate and executive coaching division of the Company - provides a personal business coaching service to clients who want to maximise their own performance and develop successful teams to achieve excellent business results.

Whatever help you are looking for , XPS will provide you with professional, friendly and honest advice on the best route to follow. If we can work together to improve your business performance , you will find our service second to none. If we think your needs can be better met by others – we will tell you.


XPS provides a wide variety of coaching, training and management support services to clients ranging from major PLCs , through regional companies to individual consultancy practices. The basis of all our client relationships is strict confidentiality. Our clients must be totally confident that they can share sensitive business and personal information with their coach with absolute faith that this information will only be used within the coaching relationship, to help the client to achieve their corporate and individual goals.

The coaching relationship is based on mutual trust and respect, and focusses on what is in the best interests of the client.

It would therefore be inappropriate to publicise the names or details of the organisations with whom XPS works. Should you wish to find out how our clients rate our contribution to their success, we can arrange this on an individual basis.

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